Salaam Souk Sisters!

The quickest way to become a master at something, is to start today. Practice is exhausting and if you’re anything like me, doing less than perfect is hardly an option. But I am slowly teaching myself that practice makes progress, and I have to enjoy my journey if I want to appreciate my destination.

It’s okay to be failing, it means you’re trying and if you’re not great yet or at the standard you want to be, you’re at least one step ahead of everyone who hasn’t even started. Find the beauty in your own growth and praise yourself for it. The more you start shifting your perspective from concentrating on what you’re not doing to focusing on what you have accomplished the more easily the task will come to you. Your brain won’t be fighting against what it is you’re trying to achieve anymore. It’ll be happy to work towards it.

Jummuah Mubarak
Love Sabeena & Jehan