Salaam Souk Sisters,

If you’re anything like me, your mind is a perpetual loop of adding to your to-do list. It goes in circles and circles creating lists, adding to the list with further lists and then playing on repeat in an effort to make sure I remember it and also check that I haven’t forgotten anything out.

My mind is equally exhausted as it is tireless and it often follows me into Salaah too. There are a few things I do to try bring myself back to a meaningful salaah. Firstly, taking a deep breath before starting and reminding myself why I’m standing there. Salaah is my gift from Allah, it’s my opportunity to disconnect from everything and connect with my creator. It’s my chance to recuperate after being weighed down by own mind.

It’s how I earn my aakhirah. Worshipping Allah is the reason I was given another day on this earth.

Salaah is my reminder that no matter how many things are running through my to-do list, Allah is the one who ultimately completes them for me.

I’m still in the process of training my mind to respond to the call of salaah appropriately. But no matter how many times I forget, Allah grants me a moment of remembrance and that’s enough to be grateful for.

May Allah grant us increased awareness and love of worship.

Jummuah Mubarak
Love Sabeena & Jehan