Salaam Souk Sisters!

No matter how weak you feel, push yourself to submitting to Allah’s instructions and the Prophet SAW’s guidance. Your heart might not feel like it’s present in your actions, but your mind knows what is best for you. Don’t stop yourself from doing good deeds just because you think it feels insincere. Allah knows better than us the sincerity of our actions.

Even though we’re adults, we have to remember that our souls are still like wandering little children that we have to be nurtured and directed to the right actions. Children only know that they want to eat, but they do not know what they need to eat in order to maintain their health. In the same way our heart and soul crave something, but they do not know what is best for them to be attached to. Feed it the Quraan and Sunnah repeatedly until it grows into understanding what it needs.

If a child wants to learn how to walk, it does not give up, no matter how many times it falls. As with your soul, it might feel like lying down, attempting nothing, but it knows it wants to be alive with love of Allah, so force it to get up. Put it in situations that will awaken it, no matter how many times it wants to lie down again, you have to force it awake, until it truly learns to be awake and alive in the presence of Allah.

Each and every day we are conscious on this earth is an opportunity to gain more rewards for our Hereafter. As much as we love Allah and the Prophet SAW, it is our actions that will carry that love. We can’t afford to waste a day that doesn’t carry some moment that is bringing us closer to Him and His beloved SAW.

May Allah allow us to live the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW. May He increase and accept all our good deeds. May He make us from among those closest to Him in the Hereafter.

Jummuah Mubarak
Love Sabeena & Jehan