Salaam Souk Sisters!

Have you ever just stopped and then randomly become extremely aware of your breathing? Sometimes it’s an awkward awareness and we don’t know how to stop concentrating on it and then we’re happy when we forget about it.

Well, actually, being mindfully aware of your breath is a good thing. It brings you to present moment. It makes you conscious of your actions. It takes us out of auto-pilot and gives us back the control.

If you’ve ever complained about your concentration in salaah, then this is it. We’re not focusing. We’re not present enough in our moments to be able to focus. A root cause for a lot of our behavioural problems is that our minds are living in the past or the future and not in the actual moment. So we’ll never gain the full benefit of a moment if we’re not fully present.

The reason we can’t kick bad habits is because we’re never mindful that we’re doing them until it’s too late. If we start exercising mindfulness at certain moments in the day (to start with in salaah) we can become strong enough to bring it to all our moments. Then when we’re mindful of our instinctive thoughts and reactions, we can start to control them to be what we actually want them to be – in line with the Prophet SAW’s teachings.

We need to be self-aware if we ever hope our state to improve. If you want to get more into this practice, I highly encourage looking into the Islamic teaching of Muraqabah.

May Allah grant us mindfulness, allowing us to remember Him and follow the actions most beloved to Him.

Jummuah Mubarak
Love Sabeena & Jehan