Step by step instructions on how to make a successful payment using PayFast


Steps 1-5: How to checkout
Steps 5-7 :Paying by Card
Steps 8-11: Paying by EFT

Please note an order is not processed until payment has been made. Therefore an item in your cart that has not been paid for does not guarantee its availability. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


When you find an item you would like to buy, select your options, if available (i.e. size/colour/amount), and then click “Add to Basket”.

1. add to basket


Once you have added all the items you would like to purchase to your cart, and would now like to pay, click “View Basket”. It may appear as a notification at the top, alternatively you can click the shopping bag in the top left corner.

2. view basket


Review all the items in your cart and click “Checkout”

3. checkout


Fill in your details. At this point you can create an account so that your details are saved for easier use in the future. You can also opt to send the items purchased to a different address for gifts etc. If you do not wish to send it to a different address, you can uncheck the box.

You can also opt to “Collect” within Johannesburg, therefore avoiding shipping costs, or have it sent to your door with a courier.

Once you have accepted the Terms & Conditions you can click “Place Order”. Please note your order is only processed once a payment has been made. You will be redirected to the PayFast site to make a payment for your order.

4. shipping details and place order

STEP FIVE – Card payment

Once you are redirected to the PayFast site, select “Credit & Cheque card”. You can create an account with PayFast at this point, by clicking the text below. This will be useful for faster payments in the future and to track your payments.

12. card payment

STEP SIX – Card payment

Enter your card details and click “Pay”

13. card details

STEP SEVEN – Card payment

PayFast will confirm the payment and you will be redirected back to My Online Souk. You will receive an email confirming your order and payment. If you do not receive an email, please contact

11. payment success

STEP EIGHT – eft payment

When you are redirected to the PayFast site click the option “Instant EFT” and then choose your bank.

5. redirected and choose payment
6. choose bank

STEP NINE – eft payment

You will need to login to your online banking account. If you click login on the PayFast site, a window to your chosen bank will open. Alternatively you can manually open your online banking in a new tab.

7. login to bank

STEP TEN – eft payment

When you have opened the tab for making a payment, copy all the details provided by the PayFast site. If any details are incorrect, you will be notified that the process was not completed. Proof of payment can be sent to

8. copy details

STEP ELEVEN – eft payment

After your bank confirms that the payment was made, return to the PayFast tab and click “I have made payment”. PayFast confirms the payment with the reference number and redirects you to My Online Souk.

You will automatically be sent an email regarding your order, confirming it has been placed and that payment was made. If you do not receive an e-mail confirming that your order was placed, please contact

9. Payment successful
10. I have made payment
11. payment success