Don’t let the summer heat bring you down! We’ve got five wardrobe items that will keep you looking and feeling cool!

Palazzo Pants

If you’re out and about the easiest thing to slip on is a pair of pants and a top, right? Well, instead of reaching for those regular straight legs, try a palazzo. You’ll be looking modest, trendy and feeling much cooler than you normally would. Win, win win!

Maxi Skirts

Even more cooling than a billowy pair of pants has to be the maxi-skirt. Sometimes while dressing modestly people feel like they’re trading in baggy items and losing their femininity, but it certainly doesn’t have to be the case with a simple everyday maxi skirt! It adds something extra to your look and even more to the way you feel!

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are NOT just for occasions! They are an amazing everyday item that will save you loads of time and make you look put together. It almost feels like you’re cheating because it’s too easy.

Silk Scarves

We’re all afraid of it because we think it might slip off, but one of the most breathable scarves to wear has to be silk! Wear an undercap and put one little pin and your overheating hijab days are over!

Bamboo Scarves

Not brave enough for the silk hijab? That’s okay. There’s still bamboo cotton to be breathable, sweat wicking, and extremely easy and comfortable to drape. Regular cotton will forever live in bamboo cotton’s shadow.